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Things bought.

Spent money like it was going out of style this week. First, on my month of Kali, and all the accessories, then even more today. I don't know what hit me. It's like as soon as my brain said YOU HAVE TO SAVE MONEY, I decided I should SPEND IT ALL.


Decided TODAY was the day I NEEDED a bookshelf for my room. Bought a dark cherry brown shelf with 6 little cubicles in it, and some green boxes to go in. I might post pictures, because it looks really awesome right now, and I like to brag. I've been wanting a small bookshelf for my room for awhile since my book situation has been getting increasingly out of control. Last night, Walter knocked water over on my old night stand and pretty much ruined it....so it seemed like a good time to get a bookshelf. It looks really great, and it gives a nice new feel to my room...not to mention all the space that's opened up since I have room for most of my books now.

I also just bought FOUR SHIRTS from shirt.woot.com. It was another mystery grab bag deal, but it was $10 for a pack of 2 shirts, and free shipping, so I'm pretty excited...and it's an even better deal than TeeFury's grab bag. Plus, I've been a bigger fan of Woot's shirts lately, so hopefully I'll get something good. TeeFury has really been letting me down lately :<

Anywho. I should get to bed. I had another long day today. I have apparently become incapable of just being lazy and crocheting all day, so now that I've accepted that fact, I've been sucha  busy bee. I've even picked up shifts at work because I know if I have too many days off I just get bored :/ I don't know what happened to change the way I feel about that. Ah well, I guess I'm more productive, so I shouldn't be questioning or complaining.