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5th Generation.

I found out today that I am actually a 5th generation student of Bruce Lee.


THAT Bruce Lee.

Dan Inosanto is one of 3 people in the entire world that Bruce Lee gave his blessing to teach his style of martial arts, and he taught a man named Rick Faye, who taught my instructor, Josh Prior. Bruce Lee really doesn't seem so far away, and this fun fact makes me feel incredibly....incredible. Like somehow, for the first time, I'm making waves in this world. Small waves, but waves nonetheless.

I also got my own KALI STICKS today, which makes me very happy. I like using them, and I wish there was a place nearby I could practice, but I'm kind of self conscious, and I don't want people staring at me using my sticks. White girl flailing sticks around in public just seems like it's asking for harassment. I've even thought about doing it outside at night, but I swear there are just as many people in my neighborhood out at night as they are during the day. I don't know. I'll figure something out. All I know is that it's obvious when I practice, and I want to be good at this!

I am tired today. I somehow managed to get up at 9 AM to get to Kali by 10. I was slightly nervous today, because I assumed it would be a huge gaggle of people who had been there for a BILLION YEARS, but it was just one other guy who has only been there for a few weeks, so we were actually on the same page, and got along really well.

Sometimes I like the incredibly small class sizes, but sometimes it makes me nervous. If this place goes out of business I will GO ON A RAMPAGE.