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Man. It is Halloween today, and I really just don't care. I work later today, because I didn't even bother requesting off for it, because I knew I wouldn't care.

I don't know what's happened to me that I don't care about Halloween anymore. Maybe being sober and on a diet gives me no reason to like Halloween.

In other news, I'm on Instagram now. Are you on Instagram? If so, you should probably add me.

Jock Jams

I've been working out 6 - 7 times a week, sometimes twice in a day. I feel like I'm turning into a bit of a jock, but I've lost 4 pounds in the last month, so maybe this mindset is where I need to be. I'm not sure if my eating habits are the best, but they are getting better everyday, and I am feeling really good! Not only am I losing weight, but I checked my lung capacity today and blew a record high 500 Liters/Minute. I think my lung capacity is the best it's been in 10 years (Ironically, about the time I had my 1st cigarette. How about that? :P)

I have also been watching Dragon Ball with the same level of passion and obsession that I watched DBZ when I was a young lass. There is apparently something magical and perfect about that show, that even at 24 I find myself believing in things I wish to be real, and pushing myself to become a better and stronger person, the show as my sole inspiration. It may be silly, but I have missed this feeling for over a decade, and I like having it back in my grasp. Being able to practice martial arts and workout make the whole experience better than the 1st time around, I think.

SPEAKING OF CARDIO. I'm trying to put together a SUPER AWESOME SUPER CHARGED workout playlist. Tell me your favorite songs to run/workout to?

And, hey, if any of you actually work out, you can add me on Fitocracy, where I like to level up, because, well, DBZ. Also, Something about keeping a workout diary is nice, and I like the community. Let me know if you do.


I really messed up my knee yesterday, so I bailed on my 1st Kali class today. I feel awful about it. So much so, it put me in a really irritable and bad mood for a better part of the day, and I actually have some anxiety for the 1st time in regards to this class. I'm going in tomorrow, knowing that I bailed yesterday, and also knowing that I have a shitty knee, and I'm going to wake up early, work out on it for an hour and a half, and then go to work for 8 hours...and just kind of hope I can make it.

At least I bought a knee brace, so I got something going for me.

But seriously.

I am ready for tomorrow to be over :<


Things bought.

Spent money like it was going out of style this week. First, on my month of Kali, and all the accessories, then even more today. I don't know what hit me. It's like as soon as my brain said YOU HAVE TO SAVE MONEY, I decided I should SPEND IT ALL.


Decided TODAY was the day I NEEDED a bookshelf for my room. Bought a dark cherry brown shelf with 6 little cubicles in it, and some green boxes to go in. I might post pictures, because it looks really awesome right now, and I like to brag. I've been wanting a small bookshelf for my room for awhile since my book situation has been getting increasingly out of control. Last night, Walter knocked water over on my old night stand and pretty much ruined it....so it seemed like a good time to get a bookshelf. It looks really great, and it gives a nice new feel to my room...not to mention all the space that's opened up since I have room for most of my books now.

I also just bought FOUR SHIRTS from shirt.woot.com. It was another mystery grab bag deal, but it was $10 for a pack of 2 shirts, and free shipping, so I'm pretty excited...and it's an even better deal than TeeFury's grab bag. Plus, I've been a bigger fan of Woot's shirts lately, so hopefully I'll get something good. TeeFury has really been letting me down lately :<

Anywho. I should get to bed. I had another long day today. I have apparently become incapable of just being lazy and crocheting all day, so now that I've accepted that fact, I've been sucha  busy bee. I've even picked up shifts at work because I know if I have too many days off I just get bored :/ I don't know what happened to change the way I feel about that. Ah well, I guess I'm more productive, so I shouldn't be questioning or complaining.

5th Generation.

I found out today that I am actually a 5th generation student of Bruce Lee.


THAT Bruce Lee.

Dan Inosanto is one of 3 people in the entire world that Bruce Lee gave his blessing to teach his style of martial arts, and he taught a man named Rick Faye, who taught my instructor, Josh Prior. Bruce Lee really doesn't seem so far away, and this fun fact makes me feel incredibly....incredible. Like somehow, for the first time, I'm making waves in this world. Small waves, but waves nonetheless.

I also got my own KALI STICKS today, which makes me very happy. I like using them, and I wish there was a place nearby I could practice, but I'm kind of self conscious, and I don't want people staring at me using my sticks. White girl flailing sticks around in public just seems like it's asking for harassment. I've even thought about doing it outside at night, but I swear there are just as many people in my neighborhood out at night as they are during the day. I don't know. I'll figure something out. All I know is that it's obvious when I practice, and I want to be good at this!

I am tired today. I somehow managed to get up at 9 AM to get to Kali by 10. I was slightly nervous today, because I assumed it would be a huge gaggle of people who had been there for a BILLION YEARS, but it was just one other guy who has only been there for a few weeks, so we were actually on the same page, and got along really well.

Sometimes I like the incredibly small class sizes, but sometimes it makes me nervous. If this place goes out of business I will GO ON A RAMPAGE.


Lung capacity.

Went to the asthma clinic today, and did so well on the spirometer test that the nurse thought she had pulled up the wrong profile (since it was such a vast improvement from the last time I went). Pretty awesome.

Finished reading Ocean at the End of the Lane. I should look into other Gaiman books. His mythology plot lines make me want to sleep, so I will have to find some of his books that are his own material instead of myths. I used to like myths, so I don't know why I want to throw his mythological books across the room. Maybe it's just a bad combo for me. I don't know. I do know that I still have 3 other books to get through now, though.

My 'book club' is starting Catch-22 this week, but I'm hoping I can put it off long enough to finish NOS4A2 and Wicked Bugs. I have a feeling that if I can't give Catch-22 all my attention, then I will find things that I might like more (like Joe Hill and books about bugs).

Now I'm not sure what to do with myself. I'm too nervous to start crocheting (because once I start, I never stop, and as I just stated, I have 3 books to read), but I also don't feel like reading any more tonight. It might just be TV for me for the rest of the night.

No harm in that, right? :S

First Gaiman Experience.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane + Sigur Ros Pandora station = Beautiful and surreal night.


Stuff and things.

I've been posting here less than ever. I wonder why that is. Things HAVE been going rather well lately, with only one bipolar rampage in the last 4 months, and hence no real reason to come here and bitch.

Last night, I had to write someone up for the first time....and I felt awful. Guy is consistently late, so I wrote up a tardy slip for him, and all hell broke loose. I don't argue well, and I felt horrible afterwards. My intention is to just move forward. I had the day off, so I feel a bit better about it now.

Bought some things today - new crochet hooks to match my "present" FROM Crochet Today (They sent me a crochet hook case as a gift for me renewing my subscription.) I usually put pencil grippies on all my hooks so they don't fit in cases properly, and since the case advertised it should be used with "Crystallite" hooks, I figured HEY. I SHOULD PROBABLY SPEND $12 ON SHINY HOOKS I DON'T REALLY NEED. Such are the 1st world woes I face from day to day. Also got some new wife beaters for $3 each, and another crochet book (bringing my total up to 7. Zoinks.)

I have been managing to actually save some money, though. I have just under $300 in my savings account for the 1st time in over a decade. I might be able to do better if I stop doing things like buy more crochet books and hooks, but something is better than nothing for the time being, I suppose.

Been crocheting. Finished a capelet and a couple other small projects in an attempt to procrastinate on all the reading and writing I should be doing. At least I am being productive, and will have ample pumpkin colored accessories for fall.

Isn't that what matters?

I should really have a list of things I intend to make. I like to buy yarn for specific projects, then months later go "Why did I spend $12 on this yarn again?"

To Listography?

To Listography.

Lingering boredom.

Despite everything I've been doing to stay active lately, I've felt a lingering sense of boredom over my head lately. I thought going out to the zoo with Dustin and Allysha today would have helped, but I still feel drab.

So, I decided to apply to become a tarot reader (for money!)

I was looking for jobs for Gabe, when I saw on ad on Craigslist looking for online psychics and tarot card readers. I get to choose a fake mystical name and everything! I'm nervous I'm not good enough, so I might do a bit of cramming before they call me for an interview. We will see how it goes :S

Otherwise, I've saved about $200 over the last couple months, and I was thinking about buying some sort of instrument to learn how to play.

I need just a little bit more personal fulfilment...and some extra money for tarot readings might be really cool!


Agh. I did that thing where I found pictures of myself from high school and realized how skinny I was >.<;

Dare I try to get back to that weight?

I think the key is getting obsessed with DDR again and playing it for 3 hours a day. That seemed to work nicely. Worth a shot, at least.