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Stuff and things.

I've been posting here less than ever. I wonder why that is. Things HAVE been going rather well lately, with only one bipolar rampage in the last 4 months, and hence no real reason to come here and bitch.

Last night, I had to write someone up for the first time....and I felt awful. Guy is consistently late, so I wrote up a tardy slip for him, and all hell broke loose. I don't argue well, and I felt horrible afterwards. My intention is to just move forward. I had the day off, so I feel a bit better about it now.

Bought some things today - new crochet hooks to match my "present" FROM Crochet Today (They sent me a crochet hook case as a gift for me renewing my subscription.) I usually put pencil grippies on all my hooks so they don't fit in cases properly, and since the case advertised it should be used with "Crystallite" hooks, I figured HEY. I SHOULD PROBABLY SPEND $12 ON SHINY HOOKS I DON'T REALLY NEED. Such are the 1st world woes I face from day to day. Also got some new wife beaters for $3 each, and another crochet book (bringing my total up to 7. Zoinks.)

I have been managing to actually save some money, though. I have just under $300 in my savings account for the 1st time in over a decade. I might be able to do better if I stop doing things like buy more crochet books and hooks, but something is better than nothing for the time being, I suppose.

Been crocheting. Finished a capelet and a couple other small projects in an attempt to procrastinate on all the reading and writing I should be doing. At least I am being productive, and will have ample pumpkin colored accessories for fall.

Isn't that what matters?

I should really have a list of things I intend to make. I like to buy yarn for specific projects, then months later go "Why did I spend $12 on this yarn again?"

To Listography?

To Listography.